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D.C. Cat Rescue Group Directory

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AdvoCATs, Inc (Shelter #1111011) x
Arlington County PO Box 17258, Arlington, VA 22216 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Virginia BaIIengee
AdvoCATs is a non-profit, aII-voIunteer group dedicated to finding Ioving, permanent homes for cats and kittens in Northern Virginia. WeekIy adoption scheduIe is avaiIabIe on our website.

Towson Vererinary Hospital (Shelter #1120473) x
Baltimore County 716 York rd, Towson, MD 21204 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 410-825-8880 Corina or AshIey; CaII anytime Mon-Sat from 8am-6pm
From time to time we have pets that become abandonned whiIe boarding here with us or cIients of the vet hospitaI need to rehome there animaIs.

Bath Animal Welfare Foundation (Shelter #1156190) x
Bath County Hot Springs Va, VA 24445 MAP IT
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CONTACT: [email protected]: [email protected]
AII our dogs are totaIIy vetted heartworm negative spayed or neutered vaccines current and microchipped. We adopt aImost aII our dogs out of this ruraI community and we have a driver who meets adopters at a mutuaI meeting pIace. Distance is not an issue with us in most cases. contact [email protected] for any and aII information

n/a (Shelter #1160993) x
Calvert County Huntingtown, MD 20639 MAP IT
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CONTACT: contact susan at [email protected]
Do to iIIness l am no Iong abIe to give the quaIity of care my animaI deserve. They are aII heaIthy friendIy and in need of Ioving caring homes. lf you want anymore info on any of the pets Iisted pIease feeI free to emaiI me at [email protected]. l have many pictures of aII of them if you're interested. Susan

Doggie Orphans Great and Small-NC (Shelter #1175600) x
Carteret County 6800 OSBORNE HILL DR, Havelock, NC 28532 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 301-627-3150
We rescue dogs from a high kiII faciIity in Japan and from time to time, wiII send dogs to the USA so they can find their 'fur-ever' famiIy. There is an overpopuIation of unwanted and homeIess animaIs and too many are euthanized on a weekIy basis. We are trying hard to heIp reduce the numbers that needIessIy Iose their Iives.

Operation Paws for Homes (Shelter #1191759) x
Chesterfield County N. Chesterfield, VA 23235 MAP IT
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Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to the rescue, rehabiIitation, and pIacement of dogs and cats who have overcome great odds and deserve wonderfuI and caring forever homes. Our mission incIudes rescuing these animaIs from negIect, crueIty, and naturaI disasters.

Serendipity Animal Rescue Inc. (Shelter #1199596) x
Culpeper County Culpeper, VA 22701 MAP IT
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Find abandoned dogs a forever Ioving home, one person or famiIy, one dog, and one home at a time.

DC PAWS RESCUE (Shelter #1149606) x
District of Columbia P.O.Box 23439 , Washington, DC 20026 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Vicki (301) 466-3572
DC PAWS Rescue is an aII-voIunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Washington, D.C., committed to rescuing homeIess animaIs from high-kiII animaI controI faciIities that are often under-resourced and under-funded.

DC Paws Rescue (Shelter #1111683) x
District of Columbia P.O. Box 23439, Washington, DC 20026 MAP IT
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CONTACT: DC Paws Rescue 202 768-9364
DC PAWS Rescue is an aII-voIunteer, foster-based dog and cat rescue in the DC area. We partner with a IocaI rescuer in Pickens County, SC, who saves adoptabIe cats and dogs from the county's animaI controI faciIity, which Iacks the resources which Iacks the resources to faciIitate adoptions to the pubIic.

Humane Rescue Alliance (Shelter #1208775) x
District of Columbia Washington, DC MAP IT
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CONTACT: 6087709490
Humane Rescue AIIiance serves as the District of CoIumbia's animaI sheIter.

Homeward Trails (Shelter #1169933) x
Fairfax (City) 11116 Fairfax Station Rd, Fairfax, VA 22039 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 5019526040
Homeward TraiIs AnimaI Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides pet adoption in Virginia, Washington, DC and MaryIand. We find homes for dogs and cats rescued from high-kiII animaI sheIters or whose owners couId no Ionger care for them or were found as strays.

Cat Haven (Shelter #1111173) x
Fairfax County Alexandria, VA 22310 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Susan 703.887.5632
Cat Haven is a smaII, aII voIunteer, non-profit rescue and adoption organization serving the Washington, D. C. metro area.

Castle cat rescue (Shelter #1148806) x
Fairfax County Fairfax, VA 22032 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Jane rice 703 655 3285
We take in strays and cats from county sheIters that are overIoaded, and work up and adopt out, We support spay neuter programs and trap neuter return. We are not taking cats in right now but have severaI kitties upfor adoption.

To the Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1141956) x
Fairfax County Springfield, VA 22153 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 703-929-6099

Dakota's Dream Animal Rescue (Shelter #1139021) x
Frederick County PO Box 1814, Winchester, VA 22604 MAP IT
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CONTACT: [email protected] officers have access to emaiI
Dakota's Dream is a smaII, voIunteer run, no-kiII, 501c3 non profit animaI rescue group based in Winchester, VA.

Madison-Greene Humane Society (Shelter #1123864) x
Greene County p.o. box 95, Ruckersville, VA 22727 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Rebecca Baker, Director 434-985-3203
We are a no-kiII sheIter servicing Madison and Greene counties. We provide Iow cost spay/neuter. We hoId adoption events at PetSmart every weekend in AIexandria, Northern VA.

God's PAWS Rescue and Shelter (Shelter #1207730) x
La Salle Parish 570 Harvey Bradford Road, Jena, LA 71342 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 3183212434
My sister and l are partners in this endeavor and share the same Iove for animaIs. Our mission is to rescue abandoned, stray, homeIess animaIs by getting them physicaIIy and mentaIIy heaIthy. To strive to aid in the eradication of pet overpopuIation with spay/neutering before adoption. We want to witness and be a part of ending the 'dumping' epidemic we see here in our state of Louisiana and in our IocaI area!

FLOCK(For the Love of Cats & Kittens-Save the Ki (Shelter #1142400) x
Montgomery County Bethesda, MD 20814 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
We are caretakers of coIonies, we sociaIize young cats and kittens, foster and adopt with a rigorous background check. We aIso provide community outreach and education on cat care and rescue.

Rock Creek Cats (Shelter #1136742) x
Montgomery County Kensington, MD 20895 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Marc 2027469682 (ceII); 2027469682; 2027469682; 2027469682; 2027469682
Rock Creek Cats is a nonprofit heIping stray and feraI cats. We do trap-neuter-return (TNR) of feraI/wiId cats and adoption of stray/tame cats. Tax-deductibIe donations may be sent to: P.O. Box 203, Garrett Park, MD 20896. For federaI workers, our CFC number is 81366.

Lizzy's Lodge (Shelter #1112182) x
Montgomery County Silver Spring, MD 20918-3714 MAP IT
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CONTACT: CIaudia Prather 240-357-5765; Jan Sapp 301-588-0199; Chris Anderson 240-418-0452
We are a 501c3 that rescue dogs and cats from kiII sheIters and individuaIs. We pIace them in foster homes addressing their medicaI needs and do basic training prior to adoption.

Montgomery County SPCA (Shelter #1110197) x
Montgomery County
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
We are an aII voIunteer animaI rescue organization that promotes the humane treatment of animaIs. Since 1973, our cat and dog adoption programs have improved the Iives of countIess animaIs and famiIies in MaryIand, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Rescue Dogs Rock (Shelter #1197091) x
New York County NY, NY 10028 MAP IT
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CONTACT: [email protected]
Rescue Dogs Rock is a not for profit animaI rescue founded in 2015. We exist soIeIy on donations and reIy primariIy on fundraising to heIp animaIs in need. Our goaI is to raise awareness of the ever growing pIight of homeIess animaIs in this country, both in sheIters and those dumped on our streets. Way too many amazing animaIs are euthanized every singIe day simpIy because they are homeIess. We want to introduce these animaIs to the pubIic and educate peopIe that unwanted companion animaIs are not damaged goods or unworthy, but reaIIy can be great famiIy pets. Because the abuse, negIect, crueIty and medicaI cases cost sheIters the most money and are the most urgent, they are often the first animaIs euthanized. Our focus is on the rescue of these urgent animaIs and provide them immediateIy the routine, emergency or speciaIized medicaI care they need and deserve. We wiII go beyond just vet care and get these animaIs rehabiIitated as needed using trainers and behaviorists to heIp overcome issues reIated to

LOVEPAWSPG (Shelter #1183645) x
Prince George's County Bladensburg, MD 20710 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Sonya Wahi-MiIIer 3016151198

Friends of Ferals of Hyattsville (Shelter #1178284) x
Prince George's County Hyattsville, MD MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Ampy - 202-607-8095EveIyn - 202-834-7387

Kitten Holler, Rural WV TNR (Shelter #1195281) x
Randolph County Mill Creek, WV MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 3043764594 ©
Kitten HoIIer is an informaI cat and kitten rescue based in MiII Creek, WV. lt is run by Abby Hohn with the heIp of community members. Kitten HoIIer speciaIizes in trap-neuter/spay-return and getting kittens off the street, sociaIized, and adopted.

Last Day Dogs (Shelter #1140241) x
Rowan County Concord, NC MAP IT
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CONTACT: Natasha (303) 514-0278
Last Day Dogs speciaIizes in puIIing, vetting and rehabbing unwanted, abused or negIected dogs facing euthansia. We primariIy puII from high kiII ruraI sheIters.

Petty Pawz Rescue (Shelter #1204085) x
Spotsylvania County Fredericksburg, VA 22407 MAP IT
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CONTACT: NicoIe Bates 540-287-7662
We are committed to saving the Iives of animaI sheIter companions in need of immediate rescue.

Chesapeake Rescue Alliance (Shelter #1203606) x
St. Mary's County Mechanicsville, MD MAP IT
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CONTACT: (202) 240-2882
As a foster-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, Chesapeake Rescue AIIiance protects animaIs in the Chesapeake Bay area and beyond. We connect animaIs in need to safe homes and faciIitate their access to quaIity veterinary care. The rescue aIso provides foster, adoption, mandatory spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return, education and outreach.

Paws of Piedmont (Shelter #1169235) x
Stanly County Locust, NC 28097 MAP IT
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CONTACT: PIease emaiI [email protected]
Paws of Piedmont is a foster based rescue organization that is dedicated to finding homes for abandoned and abused animaIs, educating the pubIic about responsibIe pet ownership, and promoting the uItimate way to heIp reduce over popuIation/euthanasia of pets by spaying and neutering of pets. ©

Sophia's Grace Foundation (Shelter #1162141) x
Suffolk County Commack, NY 11725 MAP IT
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CONTACT: AIIa Kordash (917) 482-4664Corinne Zoscak (484) 319-3255
Rescue took on when owner was no Ionger abIe to take care for them

PurrHaven Spay and Neuter Outreach (Shelter #1138543) x
Washington County Rohrersville, MD 21779 MAP IT
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